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Reacting . . .

Reactale is an unique and one of its kind story writing and reading platform which emphasizes on dynamic story telling.

Let's explore the idea a bit more:

Reactive Tales

Readers Act
Tales React
When a reader reads a reactale, the reactale also reads back its reader and tries to interact.

A tale should be reactive in nature, i.e. it should alter itself in meaningful ways by responding / reacting to readers' actions or surroundings (e.g. Is it evening? Is it a winter? What is the location? Is it known to be haunted? etc). So, a Reactale (or Reactive Tale) is a tale which refuses to stay the same and dead as it was when created, but rather it aspires to be alive, to interact and to transform.

Parallel Possibilities

Storylet 1
Storylet 2
Storylet 3
Storylet 4
Storylet 5
Storylet 6
Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 Choice 6
TalesFlow showing a story broken into smaller Storylets which can then be traversed via Choices

Every story starts the same i.e. flat, one flow. Then as we read, we think, hey! why did he do that? What would have happened if she had done something else. And Bingo! we create a branch of our own in mind. Reactale encourages authors to explore those alternate flows. Readers will initially see only one storylet (fraction of the story), followed by some choices. And depending on the choice he selects, will then unlock the next storylet and so on.

Customize and Gift

The Wonder Witch

When Harry Potter and his friends were busy fighting Voldemort, there was one little witch, who used to sneak out in disguise to help and defend the common people from evil forces. She was a hero among the people known as The Wonder Witch. Everybody loved her, but no one knew that she is actually a little girl named 
Adwaiti from India
Hanna from Sweden
Kristin from Canada
Morena from Brazil
Nicole from Australia

Wouldn't it be wonderful to become the hero of your favourite tale? Or atleast be a part of it? Now, that's possible with Reactale. Writers can put some placeholders (with default values) in their tales, which can later be modified by the reader. And what's beautiful is that the reader can then gift that modified tale to anyone, just by sharing the generated url. Just think how excited a child will be when you share a story where her favourite hero visits her home on her birthday (yeah, the exact name, place and date you entered while customizing, remember?)